Are you a growing business that is attempting to better manage your firm’s finances? Tired of dealing with clients who are past due on firm invoices?


Invoice Factoring might be the way to go. And business attorneys frequently help their clients with the invoice factoring process.


This audiocast from Bay View Funding provides valuable insight on invoice factoring from an attorney's perspective. How does it work? Essentially, you sell your client invoices to the factoring agency and receive anywhere from 60% to 90% of the total sum of the invoices…with no work on your part.


Get an experienced attorneys advice on invoice factoring, including:

  • The most important consideration when choosing a factoring company
  • What one should consider from a legal perspective when engaging a factoring company
  • Benefits of the invoice factoring firm becoming your accounts receivable department
  • Feedback on reasons factoring has grown so much


So, get the audiocast that is changing the way companies everywhere understand the legal questions involved in invoice factoring…


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