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Invoice Factoring

What is Invoice Factoring

Frequently asked questions about invoice factoring

Do I have to factor everything?

The beauty of invoice factoring is that it is there for you when you need it. Invoice factoring companies do not require you to factor everything, only those invoices that you choose to factor based on your cash flow and business needs. There is also generally no long-term commitment with factoring. Many companies only choose to factor the invoices from customers that historically take a long time to pay, while some factor all of their invoices.

When should I start factoring? 

As soon as your company becomes eligible, by providing goods or services to your customers, and generating invoices, you can consider invoice factoring. You may decide to inquire about invoice factoring from day one, but especially in the following circumstances: 

You are experiencing cash flow challenges – your business is healthy, but the cash is not flowing, and you are finding it hard to pay your operating costs, so the ability to grow is hindered. Receiving a cash advance on your outstanding invoices would help alleviate cash flow problems and allow you to grow your business as your cash flow builds. 

Waiting for payment is taking its toll – not only waiting for payment but also the effort it takes to get your customers to pay. Allow your factoring company to take on the burden of collections so you can get on with running your business. 

Why do companies like to factor their accounts receivable? 

Companies like the flexibility. Invoice factoring offers companies the ability to receive a cash flow injection when they need it. Your company may like factoring for the same reasons: 

  • Less stress – late payment of invoices may cause cash flow stress
  • Fast cash – no more waiting on slow paying clients
  • No loan liability – using your own receivables as collateral means factoring will not show up on your balance sheet
  • High financing limits – unlike traditional loans, the limits are high 
  • Expert management – a professional A/R team manages the receivables you factor, saving you time and A/R management expenses 

Do companies of all sizes and industries choose to factor? 

Since invoice factoring is such an efficient way of increasing cash flow, companies of all sizes, from small start up businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, choose factoring as a cash flow tool. Not only all sizes, but also many industries benefit from this type of alternative financing. Such as: 

  • Trucking
  • Manufacturing
  • Staffing
  • Government contractors
  • Wholesale
  • Distribution
  • Oil and Gas

No matter what the size of your company, or your specific industry, invoice factoring can provide the resources to help your company with the cash flow needed to flourish and grow. 

What additional benefits should I look for from my factoring company?

  • In house credit department included in the factoring cost
  • Evaluation of your customers to establish their creditworthiness
  • Reassurance that there are not long term contracts
  • Ability to factor when you need to. Not all factors require you to factor all your invoices, just those you choose to factor

How can an invoice factoring company help my business grow? 

The benefi­ts of invoice factoring, and how it can help your business grow can be clearly seen in success stories. Factoring can help start-ups become established businesses, and larger businesses expand, diversify and grow. The example below illustrates the unique way an experienced factor can help your business succeed. 

Challenge: A client had a loan with a bank and wanted to increase the loan amount, or extend credit, in order to take on a new contract that would help them signifi­cantly grow their business. The bank was unwilling to increase the loan or line of credit. 

Solution: The client approached a reputable invoice factoring company, hoping that accounts receivable ­financing would provide the answer. During the initial underwriting process, the bank was unwilling to consider subordinating the loan so that the client could factor a large invoice, but the factoring company was able to work through the issues and approve the client for factoring services, enabling the contract to close. 

Invoice factoring can assist with the working capital financial support your company needs to implement your marketing and sales plans and strategies. An experienced factoring company that is well funded and knowledgeable can provide a reliable partnership when it comes to helping your business grow.

What questions should I ask when choosing my factoring company? 

With so many factoring companies to choose from, it is important to ask the right questions to establish a good fit. 

What are the terms when factoring invoices? 

The fee structure varies with different factoring companies, and also with different industries. Make sure your factoring company is transparent with you and that you fully understand the rate structure. Don’t be embarrassed to ask until it is completely clear.

Flexibility is important, so check if you are required to enter into a long-term contract, or are you able to choose your factoring structure?  Rates can often be altered once you begin to factor more, or larger invoices, so make sure you have the ability to make these changes and you are not locked into one rate. 

How long have you been in business? 

Check the specific industry experience of your factoring company. Have they specialized in one area, or many, and does that area match with your needs? Many new factoring companies have started as a result of the high demand, but lack experience. Their rates may seem enticing, but as with any financial undertaking, experience really matters. 

What is your capital structure and how many clients do you have? 

Make sure your factoring company has the resources to provide the funding you need now, and may need in the future. Check the average amount of funding they provide, and the size of their largest client. A well-funded factoring company will be able to grow as you grow. 

What else can you offer?

Check all the services provided by your factoring company. The added benefits can make a huge difference in your decision making process. Financing and collections on invoices are obviously the key requirements, but ask for a full list of added benefits included in your agreement.