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Invoice Factoring Testimonials

Invoice Factoring Testimonials

Invoice Factoring Testimonials 

Spanish is my native language, and having an invoice factoring company able to communicate in my native tongue was vital. While I had many factoring companies prepared to help, that important link was missing. I was contacted by a bilingual representative from Bay View Funding who explained to me, in Spanish, how factoring works and how it could benefit my business, no language barriers! I was so impressed with their ability to communicate, and their great customer service. There was no competition, Bay View Funding was the only choice as my financing partner.”

Jaime G. (New Mexico | Trucking) 

“My customers were continuously taking between 60 – 90 days to pay, and this was severely compromising my ability to run my business. Bay View Funding was able to help in two critical areas; purchasing my invoices and managing the invoice collection process, so I could pay my employees on time and move forward with business growth.”

Josh W. (Houston, TX | Distribution)  

“The excellent invoice factoring service I receive from Bay View Funding has allowed me to continue to fulfill large customer orders, which has lead to an increase in profit. I also save money as my accounts receivable are conveniently processed for me.” 

Greg A. (Charlotte, NC | Trucking)

“As a startup staffing company, it is frequently a struggle to meet payroll. We are so happy that we chose Bay View Funding for our accounts receivable financing, as we are able to consistently pay our employees on time. This in turn encourages highly trained temporary staff to seek work through our company.”

Sheila J. (San Jose, CA | Staffing) 


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