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Manufacturing Invoice Factoring

Manufacturing Factoring

  • Cash in as little as 24 hours
  • Funding up to $15M
  • Rates as low as 0.5% *

Helping manufacturing businesses grow with invoice factoring

Conventional loans or lines of credit are not always easy to obtain, but manufacturers must plan purchases in advance in order to maintain an edge over the competition. This involves a steady cash stream in order to pay suppliers, meet payroll, and other operational costs. Invoice factoring will enable prompt payment, which in turn enables supplier discount negotiation, new order fulfillment and helps your business grow.

Cost effective manufacturing financing to keep production moving

Consistent cash flow is key. Invoice factoring is simple; deliver the work, submit the invoice and receive payment within 24 hours. Eliminate the time period between invoicing and payment. Pay your suppliers quickly and ask for a discount! Saving money from your suppliers can help cover the factoring cost.

Factoring works for seasonal business too!

It is not necessary to factor all your invoices all the time. We are happy to help with larger transactions during peak periods in your manufacturing cycle.

If you are considering manufacturing factoring are we speaking to you?

  • Established company experiencing slow payment, which is hindering production
  • Traditional lines of credit are not available but you have a healthy AR

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