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Small Business Help - Clarifying Job Descriptions

Posted by Seth Herman on Fri, Sep 26, 2014 @ 08:04 AM

You have a job opening, and you want to make sure and employ the best person for the job. A well-written job description will go a long way towards success. Whether you are considering using a staffing agency or interviewing for yourself, how should you deliver the information? 

Small_business_staffing_blogAn article from SBA describes what is involved when writing an effective job description. A clear summary of the job opening will not only help attract and define the correct applicant, it sets the standard once the applicant becomes an employee. They will want to completely understand their role within your organization, and also how they will be held accountable. So what should be included?

  • Job title
  • Overview of the position, how it interacts with other roles, and how it fits into the company hierarchy
  • Job summary, and level of position, including remuneration
  • List of specific duties and key functions to be performed in order to be successful
  • Specific qualifications required to be considered for the position
  • Outline of performance expectations
  • Description of job responsibilities

When it comes to language, the article suggests keeping each statement ‘crisp and clear.’ It goes on to suggest the proper use of language in the job description. This involves structuring sentences in classic verb/object and explanatory phrases, using the present tense of verbs, omitting unnecessary articles such as ‘a’ or ‘an.’ It is also a good idea to avoid gender pronouns, and adjectives such as ‘frequently’ which can be subject to interpretation.

Be clear about the job location, and the hours of work. If there is specific equipment to be used on the job, this should be listed. Your company’s employees may also be members of a union, in which case you should share Collective Bargaining Agreements

The article also explains the importance of being flexible. Encourage employees to grow and contribute to the overall business as it, in turn, grows. It may be that you are handing over the job description to a staffing agency that will be searching for the most suitable candidate for you. Obviously the more information you can include, the more likely you, or they are to be successful. 

In order to attract the right talent, make sure you are offering the correct remuneration. Prospective employees are well aware of the going rate in the marketplace, so the amount you are offering will certainly reflect the type of candidate applying for the job. Even if you are monitoring your cash flow, covering your operational costs, including payroll can still be a challenge, which can inhibit your ability to hire the best candidates. It may be worth considering invoice factoring. The knowledge that you have all your commitments covered and that you will be able to pay your staff in a timely manner will help increase confidence when it comes to hiring new employees.

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