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Thank a Trucker!

Posted by Jesus McDonald on Fri, Jun 05, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

It’s time to think about those behind the scenes players who help to make life’s memorable moments possible. We are talking about the American Trucker! Our fun and informative infographic illustrates how Truckers are the busy behind the scenes men and women who deliver the goods. Here is a glimpse at some of the information you will discover. 

Thank a TruckerThank a trucker for your new home! – Did you know that more than 1 million new residences are build in the U.S. each year? From condominiums to single-family homes, truckers put all types of construction materials into the hands of skilled tradesmen. They also help homeowners by delivering many different goods that help outfit their homes with the necessary comforts. 

Thank a trucker for your new car! - More than 16.5 million new vehicles were sold in 2014 and major automakers relied on the trucking industry’s just-in-time deliveries to keep assembly lines running and, later, for stocking dealership lots with new vehicles, allowing millions of Americans to drive off the lot ensconced in that familiar “new car smell.” 

Thank a trucker for delivering life saving medicine! – Think for a moment about the vast quantity of medicine needed in hospitals to help keep our nation healthy. From syringes and catheters to radiopharmaceuticals and oxygen, truckers’ round-the-clock deliveries to the nation’s 4,974 hospitals help medical personnel provide critical patient care. 

Thank a trucker for helping make life’s precious moments possible! – As you plan your special occasions, think about how truckers are responsible for transporting goods from manufacturers to retailers. Or, how fresh flowers arrive from the fields to the florists! Truckers also transport the drinks that allow us to celebrate many different milestones together.

There are many different ways to thank a trucker! Social media has made it simple to show your appreciation. Consider visiting specific pages on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter - #thankatrucker.  Many truckers often spend weeks, or months away from their families making sure that all industries are served, and products are delivered safely. 

The next time you are driving, make sure and consider the trucker in the lane next to you. It is easy for motorists to get frustrated by large trucks, but remember these drivers are delivering the goods we use every day. Often we do not think about the valuable role truckers’ play across the globe. Take a moment and thank a trucker today!

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