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3 Mobile Apps to Help Find a Temporary Position

Posted by Gil Oliva on Fri, Jun 26, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

Dream jobAre you searching for your next temporary position? Many temporary staffing agencies are utilizing all sorts of apps to find the right candidates, and there are many apps designed to help you find the right staffing agency as well as other temporary positions that would fit your profile. The apps mentioned below are just a few that can be found when searching for apps to help you find a job.


Job_MoJob Mo

Job Mo enables a search of millions of possible positions. You are then able to apply them to your tablet. Job Mo allows you to compare salaries and trends for desired positions. Google Maps shows you the exact location. There is also the ability to discuss job topics with other job seekers. It's a great app to search for temporary and permanent positions.



Wonolo allows businesses to create hourly or daily jobs and you can set the app to notify you of relevant jobs when you are ready to work. As a ‘Wonoler’ you are pre-vetted so that you are ready to go when the right position comes up.



LinkUp is an iPhone application that delivers jobs posted on the web to your phone. It is updated daily, jobs found on LinkUp are current, and verified. The number of jobs posted from many different websites mean that there are many positions to choose from. LinkUp offers a charming explanatory video.


Mobile apps offer a real-time way to explore potential positions. If you need help creating your resume or networking with like-minded people, there are also apps for that! has a helpful article pointing to apps that help you ‘get hired.’

Why not utilize the amazing power of technology to help you find work as fast as possible.  Gone are the days when you had to go to a recruiting office and hand over a hard copy of your resume. Now you can interact efficiently with recruiters and companies that are hiring alike, remotely and efficiently. Maintaining a competitive advantage is key. Consider the popular general networking apps as well, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

From job search, resume help, interview tips to specific job advice, ‘there is an app for that.’ Take a search on your browser today!

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