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2014 - How Healthy is Your Cash Flow?

Posted by Aaron Zahedani on Wed, Jan 08, 2014 @ 11:45 AM

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2014 has arrived! There is no time like the present to check the cash flow health of your business.

Often we work through our monthly financial obligations, holding off on important decisions until the money comes in. There are many opportunities to improve cash flow that we tend to overlook, putting off today what we can worry about tomorrow. Time to take control of unpredictable cash flow!

Take a moment to consider our questions concerning your financial relationship with your customers, your operating costs, and your business development. 

1.         Your financial relationship with your customers:

  • Are you struggling to manage your financial obligations because of the terms you have set with your customers? Is waiting 30-90 days for payment causing a cash flow crunch?
  • Are your customers delaying payment longer than their agreed terms? Are they responsive when you ask for payment?

2.         Your operating costs:

  • Are you behind on paying bills and suppliers? Do you have healthy accounts receivables but not enough cash to cover immediate costs?
  • Has the cost of doing business increased so much that it is cutting deeper and deeper into profit margins?
  • Has the seasonal rush died down and left you unsure of your next steps?
  • Is your credit less than perfect? Are you unable to qualify for a bank loan or traditional line of credit to help cover costs?

3.         Your business development

  • Is there new business potential from existing and new customers, but not enough cash in hand to grow?
  • Do you need to find investors or borrow money to take advantage of positive opportunities in the market?

Invoice factoring is an excellent answer, and will enable you to receive advance payment on your accounts receivable within 24 hours of sending the invoice to your factor. If you qualify the process is simple and the advantages are numerous; among them is the ability to receive cash for your products/services before your customers even place your invoices into their system for payment, so you can:

  • Cover payroll, pay bills and capitalize on supplier discounts
  • Keep up with the cost of doing business
  • Work through the seasonal ups and downs
  • Take advantage of new business opportunities
  • Concentrate on business trends which enable business growth

An added benefit is that accounts receivable financing companies manage your A/R and also run credit checks on your customers so you don’t have to. You also do not have to worry about less than perfect credit. When it comes to factoring your invoices, it is the credit of your customer that matters. Using your invoices as collateral also means you are not incurring any more debt.  Your working capital is your hard earned money to use, as you need.

When it comes to invoice factoring, Bay View Funding is here to help. Our financial experts have been providing comprehensive factoring services to businesses - in a wide range of industries - for more than three decades. Our professional and responsive team is looking forward to putting together a customized financing solution for you right away.  Apply for cash now!

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