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Top 3 Oil and Gas Industry Trends of 2019

Reaching Millennials: A Staffing Guide

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Four Things to Look for in an Invoice Factoring Company

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5 Cash Flow Management Tips for the New Year

Invoice Factoring: Dependable Financing in Unpredictable Circumstances

4 Advantages of Invoice Factoring

Try the Bay View Funding Difference

How Invoice Factoring Maintains Business Cash Flow

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Picking a Factoring Company for Your Business

Invoice Factoring Benefits Medium and Large Businesses

Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting: Which Solution Works?

Taking the Next Step: Bidding for Government Contracts

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Is Invoice Factoring Right for You?

Understanding Invoice Factoring for the Staffing Industry

Freight Bill Factoring for Trucking Companies

Five FAQs about Invoice Factoring

Get a Boost for your Business in 2016

How Freight Factoring Can Help Your Company Grow During the Holidays

Freight Factoring 101

Fix a “Cash Crunch” with Invoice Factoring

Looking for an Alternative Funding Solution that is not a Loan?

Are your Habits Bad for Business?

Opportunities for Staffing Companies in the Oil and Gas Industry

How well is your Distribution Process Managed for Maximum Profit?

I want to use Invoice Factoring – What About my Customers?

How can Invoice Factoring Help your Business Make Payroll?

Can you Make Sense of your Business Finances?

How can I use Invoice Factoring to Finance my Business?

Is your Business Incorporating Digital Trends and Technologies?

Can my Small Business Qualify for a Government Grant?

Trucking Topics – How Healthy is the Trucking Industry in 2015?

Is your Business Accepting the new Chip Card?

My Company Submitted an Application to Factor – What Happens Next?

What Resources are Available to help Women in Business?

Government Small Business Loans Lending Cap Increased

Government Contracts and How to Win Them

Does your Company Carry Excess Cash?

Does your Business have Cash Reserves Available?

Are Late Paying Customers your Achilles Heel?

How Organized is your Credit Policy?

How do you Encourage your Workforce to Cope with Increased Manufacturing Demand?

Why Small Businesses are Borrowing Less

Business Term Loan or Business Line of Credit?

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3 Mobile Apps to Help Find a Temporary Position

Three Vital Business Cash Flow Questions

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How can Mobile Apps Help my Trucking Business?

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Is the Temporary Job Market Still Growing?

Thank a Trucker!

Hiring a Temporary Staffing Agency? Six Questions to Ask

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4 Common Commercial Finance Challenges

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6 Myths About Obtaining Business Financing

Top reasons to go to a Staffing Agency to Land the Perfect Job

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Trucking Topics – The Changing Face of the Trucking Industry

3 Invoice Factoring Questions Answered

Confused About How the Affordable Care Act Has Impacted the Staffing Industry?

Obtaining Financing – How Bay View Funding Helps

Trying to Obtain a Business Loan? – Details Matter

Veteran Owned Business – Does it Pay to be Certified?

The Bay View Funding Penny War for Cancer 2015

Neglecting your Working Capital – Consider the Consequences

Offering Value – 3 Tips to Encourage Repeat Business

Emerging Business Opportunities - Are you Connected?

How to Obtain a Government Contract for your Transportation Company

Cash Flow Concerns – Accurate Business Forecasting

Staffing Industry – A Vital Workforce that helps the Economy Grow

Rapid Growth - 3 tips to Growth Management

How Invoice Factoring Helps Businesses

How to Obtain Government Contracts in Manufacturing, Distribution and Wholesale

3 Tips to Recruiting and Keeping your Temporary Experts

When is it Time to Consider Changing your Invoice Factoring Company?

Transportation Challenges – Winter Weather Causing a Cash Flow Crisis?

Cybersecurity – Is your Business Protected?

Tax Season is a Perfect Time to Consider Invoice Factoring

Women in the Workforce - Women Owned Businesses

Staffing and Recruiting Agencies – It’s Time to Grow!

How Healthy is your Cash Flow Forecasting?

Will Fuel Prices Aid in Transportation Industry Growth?

3 Ways to Fund a Startup and Keep the Cash Flowing

4 Tips to Keep your Staff Motivated in 2015 and Beyond

Business Forecasts for 2015

U.S. Economy – A Strong Finish to 2014

Business Success 2015 – 3 Money Relationship Considerations

Cash Flow Reflections 2014 – Year End Checklist

Improve Business Cash Flow – Business Success Stories

Where to Look for Business Finance Solutions

Getting a Business Loan with Bad Credit

Small Business Financing Options

Small Business Loans for Truckers

Invoice Factoring vs. Merchant Card Advance Revisited

Staffing Companies - Are you prepared to hire for the Holiday Rush?

How to Better Manage your Business Cash Flow

Black Friday is Coming, is your Business Prepared?

My Business needs a Cash Flow Injection - Invoice Factoring explained

A Financial Solution that can Answer the Cash Flow Dilemma

Commercial Financing - The Bay View Funding Difference

How to Solve Your Business Cash Flow Challenges in 3-5 Days

New Business Challenges – Obtaining Commercial Financing

Wholesale Distribution – Are you Prepared for a Large Seasonal Order?

Increase your Cash Flow – 8 Tips to Encouraging Prompt Payment

Invoice Factoring – A Valuable Alternative Lending Source

When the Bank says No - Consider Invoice Factoring

Accounts Receivable High, Cash Flow Weak?

Is your Outdated Finance Management System Hurting your Business?

How Do I Finance my Business Equipment?

Small Business Help - Clarifying Job Descriptions

What do I need to do to Qualify for a Small Business Loan?

Cash Flow Management – The Growth Catalyst

Helping your Customers Pay – Accounts Receivable Management

Are Reminder Letters Really an Important Part of Invoice Collection?

How do I Pick a Credit Card for my Business?

How can I use Invoice Factoring for Cash Flow?

Why Should my Customers Have to Apply for Credit?

Temporary Staffing Agencies - How to Tempt the Temp

How do I pick a Collection Agency? – Five Hot Tips

Is Extending Credit to my Customers a Valuable Business Tool?

How Can a Fuel Advance Program Help my Trucking Business?

Is This Loan Too Good to be True? – Warning Signs!

How Can Invoice Factoring Help Importers and Transportation Companies?

How is Invoice Factoring Different from Other Forms of Financing?

Bay View Funding Closes Over $5M in Factoring Facilities

Andrew Aquino Explains The Process of Invoice Factoring

Bay View Funding Answers Specific Industry Challenges with Invoice Factoring

Temporary Staffing Agencies – How to Overcome the Challenges

How Can Invoice Factoring Help Temporary Staffing Agencies Grow?

Invoice Factoring Solution – An Interview with Aaron Zahedani – Part 2

Invoice Factoring – An Interview with Aaron Zahedani – Part 1

What is Fuel Advance Factoring?

What is Invoice Factoring?

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - The Freedom to Choose!

Payroll Advance for Staffing Firms

What Types of Business Qualify for Invoice Factoring?

Business Sense – Pay your Bills on Time!

Freight brokers – Invoice Factoring Provides the Financing Solution

Bay View Funding Works with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in San Jose

The Invoice Factoring Answer to Specific Industry Challenges

Payroll Financing - Don’t Get Caught in a Scammer’s Net

Get your Cash Flowing – Installment Contract Financing

Collection Agencies and Invoice Factoring Companies are not the same

Memorial Day 2014 - A Moment of Reflection

When Should you Consider Switching Your Invoice Factoring Service?

Three Ongoing Business Challenges for 2014

Dispel the Myth– an Invoice Factoring Company is not a Collections Agency

Be Prepared – The Importance of Cash Flow Projection

Providing Trucking Companies with a Financial Road Map to Success

Relay for Life – The Bay View Funding Team Fights On!

Bay View Funding Funds 3 High Growth Companies in Southern Region

How Bright is the Economic Future for Small Businesses?

Why Did I not Qualify to Factor my Accounts Receivable?

Purchase Order Financing and Invoice Factoring - Cash Advance Tools for Business

Customer Relationships – The Bay View Funding Benefit

How Invoice Factoring helped 3 Companies with Working Capital Challenges

Why are Accounts Receivable Aging Reports so Important?

How Streamlined is your Working Capital Management?

Have you Noticed A Continuing Slow Payment Trend?

Factoring your Cash Flow

Working Capital Management the Invoice Factoring Way

How a Flexible Supply Chain Can be an Impactful Differentiator

Low Rates, Fast Cash, and Excellent Customer Service - The Invoice Factoring Trifecta

The Invoice Factoring Process in 5 Simple Steps

Why Bay View Funding’s Choice of Charity Means so Much

Government Contractors – SBA Provides a Great Learning Opportunity!

Warning! New IT Security Threat – Cryptorbit, a New Virus

Can Accounts Receivable Funding be Bad for Business?

Be the Best Temporary Staffing Agency – How Payroll Financing can help!

Invoice Factoring - What Happens When Customers Don’t Pay?

Factoring for Oil and Gas – A Great Financing Tool

Factor More Invoices - Grow Your Business

Invoice Factoring Vs. Merchant Cash Advances – What’s the deal?

Bay View Funding is starting a Penny War – Find Out Why!

Using a Factoring Broker – What are the Benefits?

Invoice Factoring – The Financing Fast Lane

3 Hot Tips to Successful Accounts Receivable Collection


Invoice Factoring – an Immediate Fast Cash Flow Solution

Small Business Government Contractors - 2014 News Update

Recruiting Top Talent – 2014 Hottest Temporary Staffing Trends

2014 - How Healthy is Your Cash Flow?

Funding Payroll for Employee Staffing Recruiters

Truck Fleet Management Trends for 2014

3 Tips to Temporary Staffing Employee Happiness

Invoice Factoring or Bank Line of Credit?

Is Invoice Factoring Worth the Cost?

Secure the Order with Invoice Factoring or PO Financing

Invoice Factoring Best Practices – Credit Ratings

3 Common Invoice Factoring Issues and How to Resolve Them

Is Your Company Ready for the Holiday Rush? - 3 Tips to Seasonal Success

Invoice Factoring and the Customer Interface

Financing for the Oil and Gas Industry

It pays to be Honest in a Cash Flow Crisis

Truck Factoring Fuel Card Discounts

The Invoice Factoring Process – Are you prepared?

Invoice Factoring – 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Factoring Broker- A Reliable Broker Partner

Invoice Factoring - A Serious Financing Tool

Why Government Contracting is Good For Business

Truckers and Freight Bill Factoring - Reliability Matters!

Increasing Efficiency – Invoice Factoring has the Answer

Seasonal Production – Financing the Holiday Rush!

Cash Flow Injection for Manufacturing Companies

Managing the Cash Flow Challenge

The Advantages of Invoice Factoring and How to Keep the Money Flowing

Financing for Distribution – A Fine Balance

Cash Flow Forecasting – Unpredictable Cash Flow

Is Invoice Factoring an Option for Manufacturing Companies?

Financing Options - Exploring Loans and Grants

Invoice Factoring – Company Size Does Not Matter

Trucking - Freight Bill Factoring Fuels the Cash Flow

Negotiating a Great Contract - Get it in Writing!

Late Paying Customers Cramping Your Cash Flow?

How Factoring Companies Help With Invoice Management

Not all Invoice Factoring Companies Are the Same

Five Cash Flow Best Practices

The California Trucking Association and our Bay Area Truckers

Is Invoice Factoring Possible with Bad Credit?

When did you last run a Cash Flow Health Check?

Alternative Financing Options for Business

Invoice Factoring for Start Up Staffing Agencies

Invoice Factoring - The Funding Trend

Invoice Factoring: Need to Stabilize Your Cash Flow?

Freight Bill Factoring – 3 Tips to Tap Into Hidden Profits

Federal Government Contracts: The Big Deal

Invoice Factoring: Think Outside the Brick & Mortar Box

6 Simple Tips to Prompt Invoice Payment

5 Tell Tale Signs It Is Time To Grow Your Business

Changing invoice factoring companies is simpler than you think

Financing Payroll – The Invoice Dilemma

How can small businesses survive the cash flow clamp down?

The value of invoice factoring—balancing your customer relationships

Fuel your company and your fleet with invoice factoring

How can factoring enhance my relationship with my customers?

Bay View Funding Joins The Fight Against Cancer

Invoice Factoring - Your business is growing, are you ready?

Invoice Factoring - Five Common Customer Concerns

Keeping up with Invoice Factoring for your Business

The best cash flow secret for your business

What is invoice factoring, and how is it used?

Here’s how invoice factoring helped a small business owner

Financiamiento a empresas

I am considering invoice factoring, but what will it cost me?

Six reasons to choose invoice factoring over a bank loan.

Recourse and Non-Recourse Factoring; what is the difference?

How can Invoice Factoring benefit my business?

Small Business and Invoice Factoring: Keys to Success

Invoice Factoring vs Bank Loan

How Accounts Receivable Financing Can Help Solve Cash Flow Problems

Understanding what invoice factoring is and is not

Invoice Factoring as a Business Financing Alternative

Invoice Factoring from an Attorney's Perspective

How to choose an invoice factoring company

How Invoice Factoring Works

Freight Factoring for Trucking - Cash from Copies

Payroll Advance Program with Invoice Factoring

Factoring Freight and Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

Invoice Factoring to grow your business and increase revenue

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